Petroagro with Rodale Institute.

aOn November 1 we received Rodale Institute, we visited some organic farm, our storage plant and oil factory and shared a great asado!

Rodale Institute Compost Production Specialist, Rick Carr, traveled to Argentina for a Farm Tour and OIA Annual Meeting. Rick was accompanied by other U.S. delegates including Mary Barbercheck – Penn State University, Leslie Zuck – Pennsylvania Certified Organic, Erin Silva – University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Tom Harding – Brice Institute. Upon arriving back in the states, Rick prepared a travel review of his time in Argentina.

Don Benedetto Farm
Before our departure, we made a quick stop at the OIA’s main office and there we were introduced to Hector Flesler, a consultant for organic agriculture in Argentina. Located about 1.5 hours northwest from the city of Buenos Aires, this ~12,000 ha organic farm practices an integrated livestock grain-livestock system. The farm is managed through Petroagro, a family-owned operation owned by founder and CEO Roberto Coronel. Juan Quetglas and several others have been responsible for day-to-day operations (..) Reed more in

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