All our operations are by OIA ( OrganizaciĆ³n Internacional Agropecuaria SA ) certified under the standards of the EU, NOP and JAS . The plants are also certified Kosher ( OU- UK ) . Complete follow UN Manual of Procedures basis and for the implementation of the United Nations System GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HACCP ( Analysis of Critical Control Points ) in most of our operations.

A rigorous system of traceability ensures the best quality of our products from the production fields to the port. This ensures that the product has been handled according to the strictest quality standards while preserving the organic integrity. .

Using technology and processes that are key to the success of your company. The experience, study, use of the latest technologies and continued work together with our customers gives us a privileged place.

We care about form the best team, we know that this depends on the success of our goals. Training, work, dedication and service are our core pillars.

We are committed to our customers needs, We are committed to providing excellent service to meet deadlines and to be 100% when operational problems arise.

Continuous improvement, creativity, integrity and strategic vision.

We work to exceed the our customer expectations, feedback from our partners and customers are key to our process improvement.

Our quality seal ULTER indicates that our production process CIBUS has been cared for the team committed to the best production.
ULTER is quality assurance.

Sustainable agriculture: agricultural production system that allows for stable yields economically viable and socially acceptable, taking care about our environment without compromising the present and future of natural resources.